Bedding: Joss & Main,  similar ON SALE! //Satin Pillowcase:  Savvy Sleepers //Table: Target,  similar //Candle:  Dayna Decker //

Bedding: Joss & Main, similar ON SALE!//Satin Pillowcase: Savvy Sleepers//Table: Target, similar//Candle: Dayna Decker//

While Satin sheets have a reputation of being sexy and of ultimate luxury, (Martina McBride even has a song titled 'Satin Sheets' and there is an Urban Dictionary listing for 'Black Satin Sheets') I much prefer my cotton sheets. However I have fallen in love with the Savvy Sleepers satin pillowcases. They come in a beautiful variety of colors and different sizes along with an added luxury of a pocket for a love note or your jewelry. Satin pillowcases are a beauty tool that makes you prettier while you sleep! 

A satin pillowcase does wonders for your hair because the smooth, silky surface eliminates friction when you move, which helps prevent static and breakage. And it works. My hair's natural texture is that of a lion's. Not joking. Huge, frizzy, curly, and unruly all the way. But I have noticed a huge change in the health and manageability of my hair since sleeping on a satin pillowcase. An added bonus is that my blowouts have been lasting much longer too. 

The biggest reason that I was excited to try out a satin pillowcase though, is because of all of the skin benefits. Cotton sucks moisture out, so for those (like me) with dry skin, satin is a Godsend when you want to keep all of your moisturizer on your skin, and not on your bedding! 

An added benefit of satin pillow cases is that even if you haven't washed your sheets and pillowcases in awhile, they always feel cool, smooth, like you're living in fancy Old Hollywood.

Using a satin pillowcase is a small price to pay to wake up feeling totally glam with smooth hair and moisturized skin! How's that for getting your beauty sleep?!